An Innovative Plan to Treat PTSD

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often a debilitating problem requiring extensive treatment in order to bring it to resolution.  This is true regardless of whether the trauma is related to a physical, emotional and/or sexual event.  Rapid resolution of such a problem is seen as crucial in terms of assisting the individual in resolving the traumatic symptoms and facilitating a return to one’s normal life and routines of daily living.

Traditional verbal psychotherapy procedures, while potentially effective, can take extended periods of time in order to bring the trauma to a complete and permanent resolution.  During this time period, the individual’s day-to-day living is often markedly disrupted, or even brought to a complete “stand still.”

In the interest of restoring the individual’s internal peace as quickly as possible, Dr. Zbik is now offering an innovative alternative by providing an extended session of eight (8) hours in one day, which Dr. Zbik refers to as a “Marathon Session.”  While a complete resolution of the trauma cannot be guaranteed within the one day of treatment, many trauma cases have been completely resolved within that time period.  If the trauma has not been completely resolved within the one day, additional days can be scheduled on an as-needed basis.  Accordingly, Dr. Zbik is offering a Marathon Session for a flat fee.  It should be noted that the flat fee relates to having reserved the entire day, rather than paying a fee on an hourly rate.  Since such an approach cannot be charged to the benefits of any health insurance plan, the fee for such a service must be an out-of-pocket expense.

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