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Psychotherapy can be a complex and lengthy process, given the wide variety of problems that may bring an individual into treatment. However, despite the complexity and severity of a situation, my goal is always to assist the individual, couple or family in restoring a sense of internal peace as quickly as possible. Scientific advancements in the field of Psychology have progressed to the point that maximum goals can be achieved within a reasonable period of time.


Are you suffering from a traumatic physical, emotional, or sexual event?  Why continue to suffer?  In the interest of restoring your internal peace as quickly as possible, Dr. Zbik is now offering an innovative alternative by providing an extended session of eight (8) hours in one day, which Dr. Zbik refers to as a “Marathon” session involving an entire day of treatment for a single flat fee.  If you are tired of suffering, call Dr. Zbik at 305-412-0005 and come to Miami to enjoy the sun and return home with your internal peace restored.

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